Attendance Policy

Attendance is a critical part of success in swimming.  Without regular attendance optimal performance is not possible.  Consequently, attendance is part of the essential criteria used to determine whether a swimmer will be moved up or down from one group to the next. 

Furthermore, swimmers who do not meet the attendance criteria are at greater risk for developing injuries.  For example, someone who misses practice for two weeks at Christmas Break will not be prepared to complete the increased mileage and pace times the group will have moved to in their absence.  Not only does this absence put the swimmer at risk, it holds back the whole group and, therefore, compromises everyone.

In order to help each swimmer, realize their full potential and minimize risk of injury, the attendance requirements below must be fulfilled.  Failure to follow this policy may result in a swimmer being moved to a lower group until their attendance improves and group test set criteria has been met.  Any group movement is at the coach’s discretion. 

  • Silver Group:  93%
  • Gold Group: 93%
  • “B” Group: 93%
  • “A” Group: 93 %

As always, attendance is collected from September to June 30 unless a child is swimming at summer competitions - attendance then continues until the swim meet concludes.  Christmas Camp and March Break are optional but highly recommended.  Also, it is understood that some practices may have to be missed when exams are being written.  However, collectively, regardless of the reason, a swimmer’s attendance may not fall below the required percentage if they wish to remain in their respective group.  Exemptions may be given for injuries and or extended illness for which a doctor’s note is provided.  Swimmers who have prolonged injuries may be temporarily moved down to allow gradual rehabilitation and strengthening. 

As a courtesy, it is expected that an email and/or text notifying your coach of an absence will be provided within a 24 hour window of the practice missed.  Please specify if the absence is due to illness.  This is just for the coaches’ information so that they are aware of any serious health issues.  Regardless, of the issue, a swimmer will be marked absent. Coaches’ discretion will be applied.